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Pony and Trap

Sylvanian Family Pony and TrapThe Pony & Trap includes a Marquee & Picnic Set so that all the Sylvanians can enjoy a trip out in the countryside on the Trap and then have a great picnic with all their Sylvanian friends. The Marquee transforms into a canopy for the Trap and the picnic table and accessories can be stored away neatly inside the Trap.

Set includes: Ivy the Pony, freewheeling trap, marquee, picnic table, two picnic benches, bucket, brush, comb, harness, picnic hamper & rug, napkins, plates, jug and over 15 scrumptious picnic goodies!

Sylvanian Family Pony and TrapSylvanian Family Pony and Trap

Sylvanian Family Pony and TrapIvy just loves pulling the Trap, racing along as fast as she can go because she's always in a hurry. Some of the Sylvanians tell her to slow down as going so fast is very scary but she knows that secretly a lot of them find it very exciting!





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